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Think of living: 

Issara United Co., Ltd. held the gratifying “Blue Moon Party by The Sea” event to officially introduce Baan Thew Talay Phase 2, a lavish condominium located on the beachside of Cha Am – Hua Hin. Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 is the second development under the Mix Use multi-project, which includes eminent condominiums, a five-star hotel, and a community mall – all located on over 90 rai of land and managed by Charn Issara Development Co., Ltd. and I.C.C. International Co., Ltd. With the pleasant sea breeze and organized entertainments, a memorable experience was created at Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 at Cha Am – Hua Hin.

Designed with a pure white theme, contrasted with the ocean’s dark blue, the event’s atmosphere was filled with contentment and relaxation. Mesmerized by the engaging harmony of music and the ocean’s draft, visitors were greeted by the gorgeous and talented MC, JanesudaParntoh, who also jovially interviewed the management team on stage. Songkran Issara, Vice President of Issara United, stated, “After the completion of the condominium’s construction, we will move on to guaranteeing a superb after-sales service. The success of our project transpired because of various counterparts, especially our business partnerswho had such innovative ideas. An excellent design and construction team are also critical, such as the top-notch Italian-Thai team that has a squad of highly competent professionals that hadmade our visionary dreams come true. In the near future, we will also be supported by a myriad of public facilities such as the express train. The station is located only one kilometers away from us, which will make travelling much more effortless. 

Pisit Sayampol from Habita, the company behind the project’s masterplan and design, revealed, “Our initial goal was to work with a concept that is particularly different from the original Baan Thew Talay Phase 1, which was more targeted towards the older or managerial crowd. Phase 2, with a terrific beachside location and an aquatic theme, now focuses more on the details of the 5-6 m2 per unit space, which should be more appealing to the younger generation buyers. Keeping the capacious facet, the main difference of Phase 2 lies in the layout’s design. While Phase 1 had rooms on both sides of the corridor and two different garden views, Phase 2 was designed to have a single-sided corridor so that it allows better airflow. Additionally, although the latter condominium is lower-priced, we guarantee a spectacular and vast balcony-view of the beach.”

Lastly, Boonkiet Chokwattana, President of Issara United, said, “My sole expectation is for the incoming residents to be happy. I have lived on this land for 40 years, ever since it was still vacant and very natural. Moreover, I believe that residing here will trigger prosperity, fortune, and happiness; otherwise I wouldn’t achieve the success I have earned today. I named my white vacation home, “Baan Choke,” meaning the house of luck. Even though there have been new infrastructures materializing, I have always insisted on keeping this getaway retreat as the center of good fortune and tranquility; therefore, I wish the same for others as well.”

The main highlight of the launching event was the mini concert by Jay Jetrin, which was of absolute entertainment to the guests of the party. Furthermore, there were various other activities that were of much enjoyment, such as fun fair games, bowling, and foot massage within “Baan Choke.” To spark up the excitement, a several popular restaurants at Thonglor were present at the event, including the authentic Honmono Japanese restaurant and the well-liked After You dessert shop that showed up to surprise the guests. Additionally, Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 also remunerated customers with special deals, such as a luxurious Villa package for three days and two nights at Sri Panwa Hotel, Phuket, as well as an exclusive Alaska summer cruise tour.


Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 is a Luxury Chic condominium valued at 1.8 million baht. It includes a rich array of public facilities and also plans to further expand its hotel and residences in the future. The project is located on approximately 15 rai of beachside land, about 10 minutes away from the heart of Hua-Hin. Facing the beach, the buildings are positioned so that residents get direct sea breeze. Divided into three buildings, Building A, B, and C, the first two are Low Rise 4 types, whereas Building C is a High Rise type with 15 floors. Additionally, Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 is consisted of three types of rooms; the first room type is a 36 m2 one-bedroom, the second room type is a 70 m2 two-bedroom, and the third room type is a 159 m2 three-bedroom. 

With 421 units, Phase 2’s unique feature includeslush greenery that surrounds the condominium, the perceptive design of each building that enables the residents a ravishing view of the beach, as well as the aquatic contemporary concept that perfectly creates a modern and capacious appeal. All of the mentioned qualities were carefully modeled by Habita, an acclaimed architecture company. The collaboration between two major firms is considered to be a great initiator for the progression of the real estate industry in Thailand. Baan Thew Talay Phase 2 is expected to be complete by the end of 2015. 
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