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Yaovaanong Chanawongse, Brand General Manager of La Mer Thailand, hosted “World Oceans Day 2013: Born from a Passion for the Sea” to encourage support for ocean conservation. Guests were enthralled by the exclusive launch of a short film featuring ocean preservation through the stance of a prominent ocean-explorer, Dr. Sylvia Earle, who was given the honorary title ‘Living Legend.’ Showcased at the event was a photography exhibition by celebrity participants, reflecting the beauty of the boundless ocean. Invited celebrities joined the event, elegantly dressed in blue, to celebrate World Oceans Day 2013 with La Mer at W Hotel, Bangkok. 
Born from a Passion for the Sea” also featured an exhibition showcasing 10 photographs by participating celebrities, namely Tipanan Srifuengfung, Tirawan Taechaubol, Peter Corp Dyrendal, Manasnan Panlertwongskul, Janesuda Parnto, Geraldine McIntosh, Sirinya Bishop, as well as professional photographers and ocean conservatives such as Jirayu Ekkul, Nat Sumanatemeya, and Hansa Tangmanpoowadol. The latter two contestants were amongst the winners of last year’s photography contest in celebration of the previous World Oceans Day. La Mer aspires to encourage a rising appreciation of the beauty of the ocean through a photography contest on Instagram held in Thailand. Submitted photographs should reflect the charm of the ocean, such as undersea creatures, the beach, or even memories from vacation trips.  
The charming celebrity Tui-Tipanan Srifuengfung presented a photograph taken while vacationing at the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul, Turkey. The strait lies between Europe and Asia, unveiling two clashing characters and cultures. Tui said, “I am one of the many people who have a sentimental attachment with the sea. Ever since I was young, my family and I would go on beach trips every holiday. Our favorite activities include sailing, diving, and other sea-related sports that play an immense part in making us who we are today. Having had the chance to mature as a person alongside the ocean, I believe that we all should contribute to preserving the ocean, even if they are just small deeds. However, if we all can be more engaged in ocean conservation, it will lead to greater changes.”

Waew-Tirawan Taechaubol, the gorgeous successor of Cape Panwa Hotel, submitted a photograph from her last trip to Leepae Island with her friends. The ebullient photograph was of Waew and her friends jumping off a boat, capturing a lighthearted memory. Waew said, “Not only is the ocean an important ecosystem that provides habitats for sea creatures, it also gives life to us humans, such as food and tranquility. Especially in Thailand, our beaches attract many foreign tourists, making them vital to Thai economics. Consequently, it is crucial for us to take responsibility in ocean conservation. As for me, I never leave trashes on the beach or touch the coral reefs when diving because we should do whatever we can to preserve the ocean as long as we can. Additionally, I believe that Thailand should shut down the ocean during certain hours like some countries do, to give it time to restore its state.” The prominent underwater photographer and ocean conservative, Nat Sumanatemeya, presented a photograph titled, “Hello Booby.” The snapshot of the Booby bird was taken unexpectedly underwater near the Galapagos Islands. His beguiling picture won the runner-up prize at La Mer’s global photography contest last year. Nat said, “I believe that the ocean is one segment of water. The land does not separate the ocean, but it is the ocean that separates the land into fragments. From my experience of diving throughout the globe, I have seen that the ocean everywhere has been destructed significantly, and needs a cooperative effort in restoration. To begin with, we should not do things that have negative impacts on the ocean and it ecosystem. As a trained diver, we all have passionate bonds with the sea, and diving gives us a chance to spectate its beauty. We are eager to take part in conserving the ocean we love.”

Furthermore, all attending guests had a part in voting for the most impressive photograph displayed at the event. Well-known photographer, Jirayu Ekkul, won the special prize, a round-trip airplane tickets for two to Krabi from Bangkok Airways, and a 2-nights stay complimentary at Rayavadee Krabi Resort. 

In tribute to Dr. Max Huber’s legacy, La Mer has been unceasingly committed in persevering his extensive determination and intention to conserve the ocean. The sustainably hand-harvested Pacific Sea Kelp used in La Mer products contain exceptional nourishment qualities that revive the skin, contributing to the brand’s legend today. La Mer supports ocean conservation by celebrating World Oceans Day 2013 for the eighth consecutive year. This year, La Mer exclusively collaborates with two internationally acclaimed organizations, National Geographic and Oceana.

For eight successive years, La Mer worked together with Oceana, the world’s largest international ocean advocacy organization. In honoring World Oceans Day, La Mer and Oceana recognize the importance of the sea as a vital ecosystem and encourage action to preserve its delicate habitats and wildlife. La Mer believes in the miracle of deep-sea plants, the Pacific Sea Kelp in particular, which contain endless benefits that have contributed to the legend of the brand.

This year, La Mer has expanded its partnership with National Geographic for the second year by working with ocean expert, Dr. Sylvia Earle. After more than 100 marine expeditions and logged more than 7,000 hours underwater, Dr. Earle shares the history of underwater habitat protection and address actionable changes for future preservation. The partnership has culminated in a short film that gives an unprecedented opportunity to see the ocean through the eyes of one of the most influential ocean experts of our time. Dr. Earle believes that supporting an organization that contributes to ocean conservation is a significant start to great changes, and doing so will prolong the beauty of the ocean for the future generation to see.

To commemorate the importance of World Oceans Day, La Mer has also produced a Limited Edition Crème de la Mer (100 ml., 17,000 Baht) that will be available at La Mer Aquariums throughout June 2013.
It is an effortless endeavor to support ocean conservation and take action in recovering its delicate habitats and wildlife, so that the future generation continues to have a share of the wonder and beauty of the vast ocean.

Details of “Born from a Passion for the Sea” Photography Contest by La Mer Participants can submit images throughout 1 May – 30 June 2013 by uploading to Instagram, followed with tagging @LaMerThailandOfficial and hashtagging #LaMerLoveTheSea in the caption.

The top three winners will be evaluated by La Mer judges according to creativity, artistry, and conveyed message. Prized winners will receive the following prizes:
First Place: Round-trip airplane tickets to Maldives for two from Bangkok Airways valued at 89,000 baht, and a special La Mer set valued at 55,000 baht Total value is 144,000 baht
Second Place: La Mer set valued at 35,000 baht
Third Place: La Mer set valued at 20,000 baht

In addition, the “Best Picture of the Day” will be announced through @LaMerThailandOfficial Instagram everyday from May to June 2013. A total of 61 winners will be rewarded the La Mer Signature Facial Treatment Voucher valued at 4,500 baht each, the total value is 473,500 baht.

For more information about La Mer’s World Oceans Day campaign, please visit 
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