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Get Your Body Back with ‘Fix Me’ Package by BodyConscious
By : BodyConscious by Y Wellness   |   Posted : April 17, 2019
Get Your Body Back with ‘Fix Me’ Package by BodyConscious
Do you always feel pain around your neck or always wake up in the morning and feel stiff all over? BodyConscious, the newly opening integrated wellness centre in Asoke, Bangkok, has the perfect solutions to help take your pains away and prevent them from returning - called ‘Fix Me’ program that is just the perfect for anyone with physical pain and restrictions.

‘Fix Me’ is a 4-week long-term program offered by BodyConscious that aims to solve the problems of pain and mobility. It combines consultations, diagnostics, spa therapy, fitness and movement, physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and mind and body therapies without forcing you to leave Bangkok for a retreat! The program starts with the wellness consultation where our specialist will assess you through a series of questions regarding your past health status, interest, concern, lifestyle and goals. After that, the team will analyze your body movement, strength, weaknesses, flexibility and stamina through a Functional Fitness Assessment. Our experienced professionals will learn about your body in detail through diagnostics including Body Composition, 3D Body Scan and Postural Analysis that will effectively guide our team to set specific goals and specific treatments for your needs and particular condition.

To explain in more detail, Body Composition Analysis will allow our experienced physiotherapist to learn your weight, visceral fat, muscle mass, fat mass, water, muscle, percentages of bone and metabolic rate. The 3D Body Scan consists of aninfra-red imaging unit to produce a 3D model of your whole body allowing micro analysis of your structure. For the Postural Analysis, our specialist will learn about how your body is functioning and moving and detect abnormalities and compensations caused by pains and discomfort.

After our specialists learn about your current condition and specific goals, you will receive a series of treatments, all aiming to help you eliminate pain, namely Infrared Sauna (8 times), Physiotherapy (8 times), Shockwave Therapy (3 times), Acupuncture or Cupping (6 times), Remedial Massage (1 time), Lymphatic Drainage Massage (1 time), Functional Fitness Personal Training (4 times), E-Fit (4 times), and Counselling (1 time). Guests are expected to visit the Body Conscious centre at least 2 times per week to ensure effective results.

Infrared Sauna is included to help muscle recovery. The infrared light penetrates deep into the body to stimulate metabolism, detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, reduce blood pressure and stress and create muscle relaxation, all of which help to promote better cell health and accelerated repair.

For Physiotherapy, our expert physiotherapist will combine ultrasound, manual mobilization and massage technique, relaxation massage and exercise for your affected area. Each technique aims to repair damage, reduce pain and muscle stiffness, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

Also included is an effective treatment that can almost immediately reduce pain and discomfort - Shockwave Therapy. Shockwave uses acoustic waves to accelerate tissue repair and promote cell growth and mobility improvement. The treatment is highly suitable for those who have stubborn and chronic pain.

Apart from using technologies and scientific-based equipment, BodyConscious team also apply a number of therapies as join forces to soothe your pain such as Acupuncture, Cupping, Remedial Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. To give you more idea about each treatment, the team of experts from this wellness centre explain as below.

Acupuncture, one of the most popular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, is a gentle procedure involving the insertion of thin needles to specific energy points of the body. The stimulation will naturally signal the body to self-heal. Acupuncture is considered an effective technique to treat headaches, back pain, chronic pain, insomnia and cognitive decline and boost immunity.

Cupping, another well-known TCM technique, is included to increase blood flow, loosen connective tissue and stimulate healing in the affected area. Cupping involves warming and placing glass cups on the problematic area on the skin, usually back, neck and shoulders. The warming process naturally creates a vacuum effect, drawing the skin tissue into the cups and stimulating the area to release toxins.

Remedial Massage treats the body’s muscles, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue to increase blood flow to the affected area and let the body self-heal, enhance immunity and decrease the level of stress.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage treats the lymphatic vessels located just below the surface of the skin with a very light touch to stimulate the lymph flow aiming to sweep away both toxins and excessive fluids that can cause pain and discomfort.

After working to reduce and eliminate pain, it is critical for you to build your strength to prevent the pain recurring. At BodyConscious, the specialists and practitioners help you to gain your strength through Functional Fitness Training and E-Fit. For the Functional Fitness Training, our coach will guide you to move and exercise effectively and efficiently. For the E-fit, you will wear a specially-fitted suit that uses electrical impulse to stimulate your muscle whilst our professional trainer guides you through simple exercises. The technique will help you to increase muscle strength in a minimal time.

At BodyConscious, we care about your physical health and your mental health. Counselling is introduced allowing you to discuss and express your problems and difficult feelings and have our professional counsellor uncover the root causes of any residual problems and providing you with a plan of action to help you to effectively cope with challenges. The treatment can help to reduce stress which may be behind the pain.

Along the way, you will also receive three follow up Wellness Consultation to monitor your progress and discuss any changes. At the end of the programme you will go through the series of analyses, Functional Fitness Assessment, 3D Body Scan, Body Composition and Postural Analysis, which will allow you to clearly see your improvements and change.

BodyConscious is currently offering the following special promotions:
1. Fix Me Program at 62,205 Baht (from 78,250 Baht) and receive three additional remedial massage for free (Value 6,000 Baht) (The program starts on 27th of April 2019)
2. 20% off Remedial Massage (60 min) at 1,600 Baht (from 2,000 Baht)
3. 20% off Acupuncture (60 min) at 1,600 Baht (from 2,000 Baht)
4. 20% off Ultrasound Therapy at 1,200 Baht (from 1,500 Baht)
5. 20% off Shockwave Therapy at 2,000 Baht (from 2,500 Baht)
6. 20% off Tuina (45 min) at 1,280 Baht (from 1,600 Baht)
7. Free Wellness Consultation (15 min)
8. 50% off 3D Body Scan at 400 Baht (from 800 Baht)

The above promotions are valid until 30 April 2019

For more information or book your appointment at BodyConscious, call 02-302-2861 or send an email to Open on Tuesdays – Sundays from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Visit website at and Facebook Fanpage Body Conscious BKK.
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