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Five Unique Hong Kong Destinations for Thai Families to Explore This Summer
By : KP   |   Posted : April 23, 2018
Five Unique Hong Kong Destinations for Thai Families to Explore This Summer
Kids just want to have fun! For most Thai families, summer would be the perfect time for some wholesome adventure and special bonding moments. Hong Kong is the ideal get away for kids and parents to discover new places of interest, where everyone will find delightful sights and experiences to share with their friend back home, while also enjoy exploring the ins and outs of the city just like a local. There’s no end to the list of fun to-do’s for the family, but here are our top picks in Hong Kong to get the summer ball rolling:

1. 9 ¾ Cafe

There will be no need to convince the kids to head for this magical destination. As the name hints, this café boasts everything Harry Potter! From the detailed décor to carefully-selected names of drinks and imaginative display of memorabilia, fans of all ages will be magically transported to the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Address: Shop 404, 4/F, Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok

2. Yum Cha

No place showcases contemporary Chinese cuisine in a vibrant East-meets-West atmosphere like Yum Cha. Its décor brings back memories of traditional teahouses, while authentic Chinese serving utensils and birdcages add to that old world feel.

Yum Cha adopts a playful twist on Chinese cuisine, while maintaining traditional Chinese flavours. Kids will be happy taking photos of beautifully-prepared dishes that are mouthwatering and tasty, while parents will be delighted with the use of fresh, seasonal quality ingredients.

Address: Tsim Sha Shui branch, 3/F, Attitude on Granville Building

3. Crazy Car Café

Kids and parents will go wild over this car café with an indoor go-kart racing circuit. Dreams can be fulfilled on the wheel of a Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG or Jeep, while appetites can be satiated with delicious food and drinks.

The Go-Kart replicas are sure to give super car fans a great thrill, as they learn about throttling, cornering, braking control and more. Family members can also mix speed and adrenaline on the circuit with an interesting variety of popular eats for everyone to enjoy!

Address: 2/F, D2 Place building, Unit 2015-211A, 214, Li Chi Kok, New Kowloon

4. Old Town Central

Parents can take the kids to see the stunning skyline of Central, and walk around the streets where history, arts, food, and culture flourish in one of the city’s oldest and most archetypal neighbourhoods. East and West, past and present, traditions and innovation, excitement and tranquility — this is where Hong Kong’s contrasting attributes coexist, blend and collide.

Be sure to check out the colourful graffiti walls all over the artsy neighbourhood. Many Instagrammable moments await the entire family.

Address: MTR Central station

5. Mei Ho House and Vintage Cafe

For an adventure that will take the family back in time, visit Mei Ho House, one of Hong Kong’s first public housing estates that has been converted into a museum with great exhibits Entrance to the museum is free of charge. Check out the youth hostel and enjoy a nice beverage and snack at House 41 Vintage Café that has kept the nostalgia alive with its retro fittings, old-fashioned home décor and period tableware.

Address: Block 41, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Check out the exciting activities that await you at and craft your fun-fuelled trip for happy kids and even happier parents!
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